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Q: How can help me advertise my business?

A: Many advertising options exist on Bangkok Scene. Upload your business information to your own Bangkok Scene webpage, link it to you company website, list your functions, get us to add your events to the regular What’s On Newsletter or give us the artwork and we can send your very own newsletter for special events (concerts, for example). A one off charge applies for this, but we add it to your next bill (or you can pay it at the time if you wish).

Q: How do I add a box ad to the home page, and the sub-pages of

A: Very reasonable rates for box ads are added to your bill. Get 24 hours a day visibility on the home page for as little as 2,000 baht per month. Or add your ad to the regular weekly newsletter for added exposure.

Q: What about artwork?

A: Just send us your artwork, to the specified sizes, or we can arrange to get our graphic designer to complete the project for you (charges apply).

Q: How long is my membership active?

A: We provide memberships for three months, six months and one year.

Q: What if I want to cancel my listing?

A: If you opt for the automatic debit payment and you wish to cancel, simply inform us and your listing will terminate at the next renewal stage. If you opt for the billing method of payment, simply inform us and we will no longer send you a bill (a final bill maybe applicable if special advertising has been undertaken).

Q: What do I get with my membership?

A: Why not try the free 90 day trial and see for yourself. You will get a display photo that appears on the home page at regular intervals, a location guide with google map location, contact information, links to your company website, upload options for photos, menus biographies etcetera, and much more!

Q: What if I have a chain of businesses that I want to advertise?

A: Simply nominate your HQ enterprise, and then link the other businesses to that. For example, if you own a boutique hotel and wish to advertise the restaurant, the health club and the bar – nominate the hotel as your main listing and then link the other three outlets to that, giving you four pages in total. Discounts are offered for businesses with more than one outlet. Contact us for details.

Q: What if I sell my business and the new owner wants to continue the membership with

A: All you need to do is give him of her the user name and password so that they can change it to their own user name and password, for security purposes, get them to update the billing and contact information, and then they can edit the page or pages just as you did before.

Q: How can I pay for my membership?

A: accepts Cash, Personal Cheques, Automatic Electronic Funds Transfers (bank account debit - EFT), and Credit Card payments.