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Year of the Wine Dragon @ Decanter


The St. Regis Hotel in Bangkok was recently host to a wine tasting party to celebrate “The Year of The Wine Dragon”.  

The Year of the Dragon is considered the most auspicious of the 12 zodiac signs, and Chinese dancers were on hand to mark the occasion as fin-fabulous is needed, in conjunction with Bert and Gertrud Salomon, introduced a range of white and red wines to the Thai market.

Winemaker couple Bert and Gertrud are iconic figures in the industry, with their wines considered to ably transcend regions and categories.

Fifteen different wines from Austria, South Australia and New Zealand were paired with delicious and meaningful food creations in the hotel’s Decanter outlet.  


The Salomon family became interested in the wine industry in the eighteenth century, when they owned a shipping business that transported wines up the Danube River to Salzburg and Bavaria.  They acquired a farm building, part of a Capuchin monastery, in 1780, and have grown their empire to the stage where their wines are now approachable when young.

Salomon’s Rieslings benefit from primary rock soils in Undhof, while their offerings from Australasia show ripe intense fruits and mineral complexities with finely balanced

Benjawan Wisootsat, managing director and owner of optimum group has created fin and has successfully convinced some of the best and most exclusive winemakers of the world to appoint her to be their exclusive distributor of their wines in Thailand.

The details of Salomon’s range can be found by emailing