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Uncertainties by Ryuma Imai at La Lanta Fine Art Gallery in Bangkok




December 13th, 2014 - January 28th, 2015
A son of the late Toshimitsu Imai, an internationally acclaimed Japanese contemporary artist of his time, Ryuma Imai uses gravity as a driving force in his colourful paintings of living creatures.  Imai pours enamel directly onto the surface of paper and canvas creating spontaneous lines and forms following the images he has in his mind.  As the paint pouring technique doesn't allow perfect control, elements of uncertainty and unexpected results are undeniable.  The event of uncertainties in his art is metaphorical to the life of the creatures he paints.  They live in the world of uncertainties where unexpected events have great impact on their livelihood. 









About Ryuma Imai

Born in 1976 in Japan to an artist family, Ryuma Imai embraced art from a very young age.  After his formal education in France’s Academie de la Grande Chaumiere, Imai worked as an assistant in his father’s studio in Paris where he learned invaluable techniques and ideas.  Imai has exhibited widely in Japan as well as in major art fairs around the world.