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Read All About It @ World News Coffee in Hua Hin



Coffee shops seem to have become the venues of choice for many people seeking to keep abreast of world affairs, be it via the printed medium or through the electronic newsfeeds that the internet brings.  Visitors to World News Coffee in Hua Hin also have the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the heady events of history, however, with the walls being adorned with newspaper front pages from the last century.


Momentous happenings that captured the attention in the 1930's and beyond still prove fascinating.  Headlines on display include: President Slain, Astronauts Enter Lunar Orbit, Nixon Resigns, The King Decides Abdication Plans, Severe Earthquake Hits Los Angeles, Apollo in Moon's Shadow, Kennedy Assassinated, Hindenburg Death Toll is Set at 32 and Nation Mourns Shuttle Tragedy.


Words and photos by Paul Hutton, Bangkok Scene.



World News Coffee is run by Hilton Hotel, and sits in the shadow of the main building, on one of Hua Hin's busiest thoroughfares.  Visitors have the chance to enjoy a range of sandwiches, bagels, salads, coffees, teas, cakes and salads while browsing the news on comfortable chairs and sofas, or by utilising the more functional table and chairs or internet stations.  The venue is open daily from 8am until 11pm.