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Polar Photographic Exhibition ANT(ARCTIC)A at La Lanta Fine Art Gallery


La Lanta Fine Art Gallery is currently hosting a two part photographic exhibition entitled ANT(ARCTIC)A.  The opening reception was held on October 4th and was presided over by Her Excellency Anna Maria Ramirez, the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Thailand, and His Excellency James Wise, the Ambassador of Australia to Thailand.


Words and photos by Paul Hutton, Bangkok Scene.

The exhibition features the work of Stephen Eastaugh, from Australia, and Carolina Furque, from Argentina, who gathered their images in the frozen wastes of earth’s two Polar Regions.

Khun Saranya Chaikulngamdee, from La Lanta Fine Art Gallery, explained “The Aurora Australis series of photographic works was created over the 2009 winter when Eastaugh was the first Australian contemporary artist to work in the most southern studio in the world.  As part of the Australian Antarctic Division’s arts fellowship programme he also joined numerous field trips across Mac Robertson Land in East Antarctica.
Polar lights were observed over the bitterly cold darkness of an Antarctic winter when the Auroras were at their most spectacular.  Eastaugh went through some difficult journeys to capture these gargantuan green Auroras and their eerie spell.
Carolina Furque, on the other hand, took her photographs in Greenland where the population is low, nature is rude and the weather is unpredictable.  Loneliness and isolation are very much part of this landscape.
Furque spent one month in North West Greenland with her Russian Holga camera. The Greenlandic series of black and white photographs depict the harshness of this remote place and capture the ruthless climate that is authentically stunning.”

Carolina and Stephen on location (above).  Photo courtesy of La Lanta Fine Art Gallery.

The exhibition will run until November 5th.  Opening times are from 10am to 7pm, Tuesday to Saturday.