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Nagara by Citibank at Couture Fashion Week at Siam Paragon in Bangkok



Nagara Sambandaraksa has been named by the international media as one of Thailand’s most innovative and exclusive designers.  Celebrated for his exquisite hand-painted and tie-dyed silk, the talented designer is one of the first generation of Thai designers to achieve success in the world of international haute couture.

Nagara represents contemporary fashion at its finest – a blend of East and West featuring distinctive elements of today’s global culture. The design elements are highly functional, offer tremendous versatility and are well-suited to a modern lifestyle.  


Photos and movie by Paul Hutton, Bangkok Scene.






The distinguished charm of Nagara is the use of Thai silk as key material in every collection.  His hallmark is the fusion of Thai and oriental mystique combined with a modern elegance to create an international appeal.  Nagara’s sensational silk is differentiated by a unique tie-dyed technique and hand-painted skill plus fastidious embroidery, creating exquisite but wearable couture masterpieces.

Culture has long been an intrinsic part of Nagara’s life.  A descendent of the fifth reign of the Chakri dynasty, he was naturally exposed to the magnificence of Thai culture and developed a true appreciation for its cultural treasures, especially the flamboyant antique silk.  He adopted Western perspectives from the years he spent studying interior design in the US and UK.  Following his graduation, he gained a Diploma in Japanese Arts at the celebrated Omoto School, where he studied dyeing, weaving and other aspects of Japanese traditional arts.  His fascination for Oriental culture is seen today in his collections.

Nagara was born in 1954.  The first collection was launched in 1998.  His sensational silk creations have added international appeal to Thailand’s traditional elegance and established a Thai presence on the runways of the world’s leading fashion capitals such as Paris, New York, Milan and major Asian cities including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila.

“Techno Dragon” is the collection that was presented at Siam Paragon International Couture Fashion Week 2012.  Inspired by the dragon, this collection employs luxurious Thai silk, hand-woven cotton, chiffon and satin, reflecting the exotically iridescent dragon scales.  Bright neon colours give a bold modern touch.  The collection uses advanced dyeing techniques and exquisite hand embroidery.