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Mellon Collie Opens - Galerie N


Mellon Collie, an exhibition by Narissara Pianwimungsa (pictured left), opened at Galerie N in Wireless Road with a cocktail reception on Thursday June 2nd.  The exhibition, which runs until July 3rd, is based on the theme of melancholia, and portrays anger and sadness in a series of paintings, embroideries and and murals.


Narissara Pianwimungsa was born in Bangkok in 1974, and has exhibited her work around the city on numerous occasions.  Mellon Collie is the artist's ninth solo exhibition, but her work has also featured in seven group exhibitions.


Words and photos by Paul Hutton, Bangkok Scene.



Galerie N Manager Sai Jitjai (pictured right) said "Narissara Pianwimungsa is finely attuned to human emotions and her unique creations are always accompanied by profound thoughts and feelings towards human behaviour.  The artist is inspired by the defence mechanism, a working process in human mentality, a reaction to a situation to ease mental pain and confusion.  When we face an undesirable situation, we suppress, distort or create our own imaginary world to escape from the real, suffering world."


"Narissara presents this mental process through drawing; her lines and strokes are an abrupt conversation with the subconscious mind, weaving and stitching together to represent repetition and obsessive mind seeking relief."


















Galerie N is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am - 7pm.  For more information telephone 02.654.0522