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Bamboo Bar Bangkok Welcomes Famous Japanese Female Bartender Yukiyo Kurihara


The legendary Bamboo Bar at Bangkok’s Mandarin Oriental is currently playing host to the talented bartender Yukiyo Kurihara from Japan from 4pm until midnight until Saturday 18th August 2012.

Kurihara is a Chief Bartender of Mandarin Bar, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. Her passion for mixology emerged during her college years. It is the potential for expressing herself in artistic ways that proved the initial attraction.  From then on she has gradually gained recognition throughout her bartending career.


Kurihara’s elegant style when creating her cocktalsl has won her an Honourable Mention at the Suntory Cocktail Competition in 1998. In 2000 Kurihara received Best Cocktail Award under the Prefect Tanqueray category at HBA (Hotel’s Barmen Association) and Jardine Wines Spirit Cocktail Competition with her signature concoction, Glorious Martini.




The Glorious Martini


The following year Kurihara received the first place in Work/Technique under Alize category at HBA and K&K Young Barmen’s Competition. In 2005, the year of the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo opening, Kurihara joined the hotel and has worked there ever since. Towards her third year there she was recognized as one of the world’s top 10 bartenders and was chosen to represent mixologists from Tokyo in the event organized by Tanqueray No. 10. 

One of the notable things at Mandarin Bar is that all of the staff are female. Although there are a few female only bartender bars dotted around Tokyo, there aren’t many with such a high level of service.  This helps set Mandarin Bar apart from the others. Kurihara mentioned in MO’s interview that female customers who come in are more ‘comfortable’ to sit alone at the bar as there’s more open space with welcoming female employees. Kurihara also hopes that Mandarin Bar would set a standard for similar bars in Japan.

Kurihara’s way of approaching cocktail making is simple and refreshing yet sophisticated. Lemon peel is one of Kurihara’s favourite ingredients to use as part of her cocktail; she particularly prefers the aroma from fresh ingredients.  Her Glorious Martini is a balanced combination of Galliano (vanilla), rose syrup and Grand Marnier, plus lemon juice topped off with lemon peel rubbing the side of the glass for an aromatic sensation. 

For more information, please call 02 659 9000 ext. Bamboo Bar.


Tokoy Nihonbashi cocktail