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A Tale of Four Jims and a Vampire


American author Jim Newport visited The Bamboo Bar at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel on September 6th to talk about his new book, The Siamese Connection, the fourth instalment in his The Vampire of Siam series.

A lot of scenes take place right there in The Bamboo Bar, so the setting was apt for Jim to explain how his main character was in place as the impresario of The Bamboo Bar shortly after the end of The Second World War.  The book also features Jim Thompson, who was part owner of the hotel at the time.


Jim went on to reminisce about previous visits to The Bamboo Bar, which has hosted leading authors, musicians and movie stars over the decades; it was here that Jim watched the late Jimmy Witherspoon perform. 


Words, photos and movie by Paul Hutton.


The fourth Jim in our tale is the late Jimi Hendrix, who featured in Jim's novel Chasing Jimi, and who Jim is aiming to write about once again in his follow up project, Losing Jimi.


New York born Jim spent many years in California, where he became heavily involved in the movie industry.  His recent TV and movie experiences include working on the fourth series of Lost, on Hawaii, and with Nicholas Cage right here in Bangkok on Bangkok Dangerous.


Jim is also very interested in the music industry, and can be found fronting his own band in live performances across Phuket, the island he now calls home.

Khun Wassana from the Mandarin Oriental posed the questions for Jim's interview in the movie below.