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A Sensory Fine Dining Experience - Dine in the Dark Opens in Bangkok


Dine in the Dark, a fine dining restaurant in which guests dine in complete darkness and are served by visually impaired waiters, recently opened in Bangkok.

Dine in the Dark gives the chance to discover Thai and international dishes in a restaurant in complete darkness.  The outlet is a new fine dining restaurant providing a unique culinary experience to its guests, giving them the chance to heighten all non-visual senses.  Dine in the Dark also has a social purpose, as it hires a team of fully experienced yet visually impaired waiters and redistributes 10% of its profits in support of their cause.  A perfect place for indulging in an enjoyable new world of sensations, the venue is located at Ascott Sathorn Bangkok, one of Bangkok’s trendy high-end venues in the city’s business district.

A choice of three set menus is available, including Thai, international, and vegetarian. All dishes are carefully prepared by Dine in the Dark’s Cordon Bleu trained chef to offer a surprising selection of tastes. And by revealing the dishes only after the dinner, Dine in the Dark provides the opportunity to indulge in an agreeable culinary guessing-game.  Menus are complemented by an extensive a-la-carte range of wines and cocktails.

Dark dining has its roots in Europe and North America, and it began in Switzerland with Blinde Kuh, the first eatery to introduce sight-free dining when it opened in Zurich in 1999.  Soon after came dark dining restaurant chain Dans le Noir, which now has branches in Paris, London and, opening this month, New York. 


Upmarket Opaque has several sight-free venues in the United States, as well.  This dining concept is fast spreading across Asia.  There is now a Senses restaurant in Hong Kong, Blind Art Restaurant in Seoul, Trojan Fairy in Beijing, and Bandung's Blind Cafe and Restaurant in Indonesia.  Bangkok joins the list with the opening of Dine in the Dark (DID) at the Ascott Sathorn Bangkok.

Dine in the Dark also offers a complete selection of Thai and international wines, as well as cocktails, spirits and beers.  The restaurant is open daily from 7:30pm to 11:00pm. Seatings are offered on a daily basis, starting from 7:30pm until 8:30pm.